T N N E X P E R T C O N B U I L T C O. , L T D.

TNN Expert Con built Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 with a registered capital of 2 million baht and increased to 30 million baht in 2021. The company was founded from experience. determination and leadership in the construction of large, medium and small industrial plants

which has the objective of operating a business about providing industrial plant construction services Support for industrial customers of all sizes by accepting design Factory construction, installation, repair, improvement and give advice with a team of experts and quality Carrying out all operational controls with care both in terms of quality and service in order to provide customers with the highest satisfaction


The company is determined to be a leader with expertise in industrial construction services. and a comprehensive range of internal utilities, emphasizing on quality, efficiency and service Meet the needs of customers with quality work and attention to service. for maximum customer satisfaction Committed to continually improving the quality and potential of the organization and build a good relationship between the company and customers in the long time