Prefabricated Steel Structure Distributor and PEB steel structure

Prefabricated Steel Structure Distributor and PEB steel structure

Experience from engineering team People with expertise and expertise in the construction of industrial plants and steel structure that has included a group of design services factory construction and install steel structure for a long time and for the flexibility to support today’s ever-increasing workloads The team therefore tries to improve the service to the customers as comprehensive as possible. has evolved to become a company that provides services factory construction and a complete range of prefabricated steel structures, creating works of international quality standards And the impression of customers is always good.

What is PEB. Structure?

PEB. (Pre-Engineered Building) is a prefabricated structure as a system Construction of a building using a knock-down steel structure. The fabricated parts from the factory are considered the most economical structure of steel forming where every part of the structure will be designed according to the actual strength of the building according to the engineering principles. And all parts of the structure will be prepared and painted from the factory before being transported to the site by Bolt Connection system.

All our buildings are designed according to the latest building guidelines and standards including: MBMA 2010, ASCE 2005, AISC 2005, IBC 2012, AISI 2001, AWS 2008, ASTM 2006

Highlights of PEB building systems are

  • Designed to have a structure that follows the behavior of the actual force.
  • Each piece of steel structure is manufactured in the factory and undergoes a quality inspection process.
  • Each part of the structure is designed to be fastened with bolts and nuts.
  • Save 30% to 50% more construction time than before.
  • Save labor, construction budget does not escalate